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HH: Select Character by Darqx HH Cast

Name: A.E.D
Age: 16
Year: 11

Random additional info:
As one of Hedone High's prefects, A.E.D gets the luxury of having a small room to himself. Or at least he would, except Izm drops by often enough that they might as well be roommates instead. He also has a normal name, however no one knows it and even his school records list him as "A.E.D" to avoid confusion.

- Unknown
- The kids and main staff at the orphanage he's a part of

Quick Synopsis:

A.E.D is the school's resident mystery, as as far as his peers know about him yes that is his "real name" and he goes home to an address that's apparently an orphanage. Other than that he's more well known as the occasionally snarky prefect who has the most luck dealing with troublemakers (such as Izm, who is more inclined to listen to him). His success probably stems from his drive to help people, the fact that he has no qualms about
What you gonna be by Darqx


Bullet; White A.E.D = ay ee dee (just say the letters)
Bullet; Red  Izm = izzem (rhymes with "prism")
Bullet; Black Hedone = hee don
Bullet; Yellow Rire = rye er (rhymes with "fire")
Bullet; Orange Wei Ren = way ren
Bullet; Blue Zeke = zeek
Bullet; Purple Marcus = mark us
Bullet; Green Caleb = kay lub
Light green bullet Desmond = dez mund
Bullet; Pink Isla = eye lah

:interview: Ask Everyone

Ask EVERYONE:iconquestion-block-plz: Do you have a question?
So what's with all these "Ask..." accounts popping up everywhere on DA? :B Oh these newfangled fads lol.
Anyway since a) i'm totally not cool (or driven) enough to join the trend properly and b) we haven't had a mini-game in forever, this journal is now diamonds has been turned into an Ask forum for the Hedone Highers and known Hedone staff (Rire and Nurse Isla).

You can ask them whatever your little heart desires and they will answer you via Muro comments...but just so you know if they don't want to tell you something they probably won't :P Remember to write down who you're directing your question to or i'll step in and answer it in their place and we all know you don't want that |D

Jammin' Song Inspiration

Playlists:icontuzkimusic2plz: Music is great to draw or write to for motivation or inspiration :dummy: Here are some songs that i've got for Hedone High.
If you've got any songs or playlists that you think fit with the guys then feel free to link to them in the comments, with the genre (eg: inspiration for HH angst, slash, fight music whatever XD) and/or the reason you think it fits. I'll add them to the list and we can build an awesome HH song database! Jammin' And you can also use them for inspiration for your own characters etc if you find a cool song that fits them too :)
Current character theme songs
Bullet; White A.E.D: Run Around Jason Radford
Bullet; Red Izm: I'm the Man Buck-O-Nine | Animal Miike Snow
Bullet; Yellow Ri

Recommend your own HH flavoured music!

Read Paper Emote Comics

Tumblr Social Smiley On Tumblr

:youtube: FanVids

Search for "hedone high" in Youtube or check out the links in the VIDEOS widget over here.

:dummy: Moar!

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I'm literally never on dA anymore because bleh, but I was pulling up this page in the middle of my photoshoot to show someone something and was like HOLY SHIT ITS ALL CHANGED
all the arts changed and YOU DREW RIRE AGAIN NO

idk how late this is and i don't care but you're officially in trouble
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Unofficial Izm and .D ask blogs run by :icont3h-b4n3: and I. >D
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At first i was like surely she can't be thinking to try and chop that pumpkin with a cosplay sword and then it was like holy shit either that pumpkin is like butter or that sword is actually pretty damn sharp (alternatively, Ko is pretty damn sharp with a sword and let this be a warning to anyone even considering messing with her!)

Also i am sorry about your sword lol :XD: I hope it wasn't bent too badly XDD
Ko-chan Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
lol it was a bit of all 3, I think. XD

The pumpkin was left outside since October, but hadn't rotted away that much since it didn't have any holes on the surface penetrating the inside, so it was still pretty firm.

My cosplay/display sword is actually somewhat sharpened, the metal is just weak. (it came like that when I bought it, too. I didn't sharpen it)

I used to take mixed martial arts, and one unit was bokken/wooden sword, so I still half remember the arm movements.

And don't worry about my sword. I was able to use a hammer to bang it back into something fairly straight. XD It's not like I regularly use it or anything, it just sits on the wall above my computer, collecting dust.
Ko-chan Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cheap ass skinny red ties for anyone looking to cosplay HH: [link]

Enjoy! :)
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Where do you find all this stuff Ko? :XD: You just seem to know where everything is lol!
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Lol I just stumble across it while hunting around for other things. I make costumes for a living, what do you expect? ;P
t3h-b4n3 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I have to admit, as creepy as Rire is, I like coming to submit art and seeing that he approves.
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